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Why aren’t there as many terror attacks in the US?


Is it because of the Homeland Security? Fat chance!

The terrorists are much smarter than all the Homeland Security put together!


The US’s biggest protection is its borders. There are oceans on both sides. And air is made pretty “tighter” since September 11, 2001. Terrorists can’t swim 3,000 miles from Londonderry, Ireland to New York City and can’t fly themselves over the US territory as they did on 9/11.

The northern border of the US is Canada (a very friendly neighbor), and the southern border is Mexico. If instead of Mexico the country would have been populated with some fanatic terrorists, the US would have a terrorist attack every day. Instead of building a wall, the US should be happy to have Mexico as a neighbor. Yes, illegal Mexicans or Latino immigrants (anyone looking like a Latino is called by most Americans a Mexican in the US – there are people also from many other countries who are Latinos who live in the US – and not all Latinos are illegal citizens) are taking jobs from legal citizens, but legal citizens wouldn’t want to do those types of jobs for the low wages that the Mexicans and other Latinos receive. These illegal immigrants are also living in the US under conditions that legal citizens wouldn’t want to endure.

Europe’s borders are porous. Terrorists can enter the European Union (EU) from Turkey into Bulgaria. Once in the EU, they can travel on land without getting checked at any border. The EU was the biggest present the terrorists got from Europe. But EU is not the terrorists’ enemy number one.

The terrorists’ enemy number one happens to be the US. No one should have an entire country as one’s enemy. But that is the way it is. Without our mostly natural borders and two friendly neighbors we would have a terrorist attack almost every day.

Shaku Atre
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