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Trump The Bhasmasur

(Bhasma = Ashes) (Asur=Evil) = Evil turning everything into ashes Everyone who joins him turns into ashes The State of Virginia Tells Donald Trump to GTFO, Elects Ralph Northam Governor





A number of Never-Trumpers offered their recriminations. “Trumpism is a cancer that will end your political career and steal your honor if you embrace it,” John Weaver, the top strategist for Governor John Kasich (R-OH) told The Daily Beast. “Republicans should hold dear to their time honored fidelity to the constitution and personally to their soul and turn their backs on Trump for the sake of the country first and the party second. The results in Virginia were the the first step toward redemption for the party, though I fear 2018 will be such a shellacking that it will be the true wake up call.”



Shaku Atre
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